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New acoustic song from Moz Troniquz


So excited to be working with Lady Jayne on some up and coming projects. Check out her Show Reel. Lady Jayne has worked as a Choreographer on ads for Major names such as Toyota, Mars and Choreographed for So you think you can Dance, Music OZ awards and Nickelodeon.  


Not Today

Enjoy the new sound from Moz Troniquz. 


Here is some footage from our gig at the Lansdowne last Friday night - The Future is not a Fluke. 


Morning Breath Music - with Peeping Tom ‘Sucker’

Here are a few of my favourite things: Phat Trip hop beats, progressive rock, and Mike Patton. This particular song is definitely one of the sexiest, if not the sexiest, on the album. Featuring Norah Jones, this good girl gone bad makes me feel dirty. 

"What makes you think you’re my olny lover. The Truth kinda hurts don’t it, Mother Fucker."  


Welcome to Morning Breath Music - with John Cage ‘4’33”’

Can you hear that? sounds like beautiful music.

This Avent garde composition was conceived in 1948 by experimental composer John Cage. A very controversial piece; first performed in 1952, the audience was so outraged that majority of them stood up and left the theater. Cage practised Buddhism since the 40’s. Through this his connection with silence became more wonderful than ever imagined. This composition gives to you something that no other can; Truth.  Every time you listen to this piece you can hear something different. Have a listen; The play button is in your mind. 


Welcome to Morning Breath Music - with Machine Gun Fellatio ‘Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle’

90’s, original quirk. This stuff is profound in its own very special way. How could you ever beat KK Juggy’s tittie moustache’s. 

I’m a mutha fukka on a motorcycle. 


Collaboration with the amazing AM Frequencies recorded in ‘09. Oldie but a goodie. 

AM FREQUENCIES featuring MORGAN MURPHY – Sick Day (Moz Troniquz mix)

Produced, performed and arranged by Morgan Murphy and Andrew Mortensen.
Mixed by Andrew Mortensen.
Lyrics by Morgan Murphy
© 2009 Morgan Murphy / Andrew Mortensen